2015 Annual Meeting: http://www.aaoms.org/annual_meeting/2015/index.php

Plasmablastic Lymphoma Presenting As Odontogenic Infection

Sirish Makan DDS Washington, DC, USA
Anish Chavda DDS Chevy Chase, MD, USA
Samuel Liu DDS Washington, DC, USA
Andrea Bonnick DDS Washington, DC, USA
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are routinely consulted for facial swelling of odontogenic origin in the emergency room setting. Following meticulous history taking, focused physical exam, and evaluation of radiographic images, the surgeon is able to determine the source and severity of the infection, threat to vital structures, and in which setting treatment is to be rendered.  However, signs and symptoms of an odontogenic infection may occasionally represent another underlying pathology.

The following is a case of a 54 year old HIV+ female patient on HAART, presenting with clinical and radiographic examination supporting a working diagnosis of infraorbital space infection of odontogenic origin that resulted in a diagnosis of plasmablastic lymphoma and a literature review of the pathologic process.