Medtronic: De-mystifying the Risks by Clarifying the Safety Profile of INFUSEŽ Bone Graft

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
4:30 PM-5:30 PM

W414A (Orange County Convention Center)

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Robert E. Marx DDS
Miami, FL, USA

CDE/CME Offered: No CE Offered

There have been questions raised regarding the association between the clinical use of INFUSEŽ Bone Graft and the incidence of cancer. This presentation will provide a thorough review of the pre-clinical and clinical studies that were conducted to illustrate the safety of INFUSEŽ Bone Graft. This scientific review will specifically address: 1.The potential for rhBMP-2 to promote cancer growth and/or development; 2.The potential for rhBMP-2 and/or the ACS carrier to cause an exposed individual to raise antibodies to either substance; 3.The potential of rhBMP-2 to affect pregnancy in females; and 4.The potential for rhBMP-2 to negatively impact the reproductive capabilities of males and/or females.

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