Maxillofacial Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery Preconference

Tuesday, October 8, 2013
8:00 AM-5:00 PM

W314A-B (Orange County Convention Center)

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Andrew R. Salama DDS, MD
Boston, MA, USA

David M. Montes DDS
Indianapolis, IN, USA

R. Bryan Bell DDS, MD
Portland, OR, USA


The development of formally recognized and accredited advanced training fellowships in oral and maxillofacial oncology and reconstructive surgery has had a profound effect on the scope of practice at various teaching centers in the United States. This pre-conference symposium will review some of the current and evolving lines of clinical and scientific endeavor in the field of head and neck surgery, highlight currently available fellowship programs, and provide interested clinicians with a forum for peer-reviewed presentations and the exchange of ideas.

Learning Objectives
  1. Demonstrate familiarity with the epigenetic mechanisms important in oral cancer development;
  2. Describe the modern techniques of microvascular free tissue transfer for the reconstruction of large volume defects resulting from head and neck cancer ablation;
  3. Describe novel therapeutic approaches to the management of benign and malignant salivary gland disorders;
  4. Explain the implications of head and neck oncologic and microvascular reconstructive surgery on board certification in the specialty of OMS;
  5. Describe the evolution and future of facial transplantation;
  6. Demonstrate familiarity with a tumor-board style discussion of pertinent case-based scenarios in maxillofacial oncology and reconstructive surgery.
  7. Discuss the impact that fellowship training in oral and maxillofacial oncologic and reconstructive surgery has had on the specialty of oral and maxillofacial surgery in North America; and

8:00 AM
R. Bryan Bell DDS, MD

9:30 AM

10:45 AM

11:45 AM

12:45 PM
The NYU Experience with Free Fibula Reconstruction of the Mandible Utilizing Virtual Surgical Planning
Peter B. Franco DMD ; David L. Hirsch DDS, MD ; Jamie Levine MD ; Tomer Avraham MD

12:55 PM
Factors Associated with Surgical Margin Revision Using Frozen Section Analysis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Christopher W. Latham DMD, MD ; William Jonathan Fillmore DMD, MD ; David J. Schembri Wismayer MD ; Eric J. Moore MD ; Kevin Arce DMD, MD

1:15 PM
Diagnostic Accuracy of Incisional Biopsy for Head and Neck Lesions
Sara E. Chen ; Meredith August MD, DMD ; Peter Sadow MD, PhD

1:25 PM
Methylation as a Mechanism of Cisplatin Resistance in Head and Neck Cancer
Chi T. Viet DDS, PhD ; Dongmin Dang MD ; Yi Ye PhD ; Brian L. Schmidt DDS, MD, PhD,FACS

1:35 PM
Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumor Recurrence Rates With Enucleation and Curettage Using Carnoy’s Versus Modified Carnoy’s Solution
Jason Dashow DDS, MD ; Joseph I. Helman DMD ; Sean P. Edwards DDS, MD ; Jonathan McHugh MD ; Brent B. Ward DDS, MD

1:45 PM
Submandibular Gland Transfer in the Treatment of Severe Dry Eye Syndrome
Daniel Petrisor DMD, MD ; Amy Pittman M.D. ; Mark Wax M.D. ; Eric Steele M.D. ; Winston Chamberlain M.D.

1:55 PM
The Use of Custom 3D Anatomical Spacers in Maxillofacial Resection and Reconstruction of the Temporomandiublar Joint
J. Marshall Green III DDS ; Edward Wise DMD ; Sarah Lawson DDS ; Peter Liacouras PhD ; Michael Gentile DMD ; Gerald T Grant DMD, MS

2:05 PM
2:15 PM
Carotid blowout following successful treatment with primary chemoradiotherapy – a new problem?
El Muiz Mustafa MBBS BDS MRCS MSc DIC ; Dilip Srinivasan BDS, FDS, MBBS, FRCS ; Phillip Hollows MBChB,BDS,FDSRCS,FRCS,FRCS(OMFS),MSc ; Iain McVicar BMedSci,BMBS,BDS,FDSRCSEng,FRCSEd,FRCSEng,MMedSci(Clin Ed)

2:25 PM
A protocol for computer planning and intraoperative imaging as an aid to reconstruction of gunshot wounds to the face
Savannah Gelesko DDS, MD ; Tuan G. Bui DDS, MD ; Etern S. Park DDS, MD ; Eric J. Dierks DMD, MD ; Samuel L. Bobek DMD, MD ; R. Bryan Bell DDS, MD

2:35 PM
Towards characterizing the “Immunoscore” in the tumor microenvironment in oral, head and neck cancer
R. Bryan Bell DDS, MD ; Allen Cheng DDS, MD ; Tarsem Moudgil PhD ; Rieneke van de Ven PhD ; Hong-Ming Hu PhD ; Carlo B Bifulco MD, PhD ; Bernard A Fox PhD

2:45 PM

3:00 PM
Tumor Board/Case Presentations
Ilanko Ilankovan FRCS, FDS RCS ; Eric R. Carlson DMD, MD ; Rui P. Fernandes DMD, MD ; Robert Malyapa MD, PhD ; Naeem Latif MD ; Richard Shaw MD